You should be watching…Doctor Who

It started innocently enough. Late at night, unable to fall asleep, I pulled up Netflix. I had planned on finally joining the rest of the world in its Breaking Bad obsession, but thinking it too intense for before bed, I went in a slightly different direction. And so, instead of finding myself immersed in a world of tighty-whiteys and meth, I instead entered a world of blue police boxes and Daleks*.

And what a world it is. Although the formula for Doctor Who episodes are all basically the same—Doctor and companion arrive at a location, Doctor and companion encounter trouble, Doctor and companion almost die, Doctor comes up with brilliant solution and saves the day—each episode still manages to surprise and thrill. Although on a surface level it might appear to simply be a sci-fi show, it is so much more, which can be contributed to both the writing and the acting. All four men who have filled or will fill the Doctor’s shoes since the 2005 reboot have brought something unique to the table, and the passing of the torch from show runner Russell T. Davies to Steven Moffat wasn’t nearly as jarring as the great Sorkin schism after season four of The West Wing**.

However, I think its true appeal is in the simple truth that everyone, at one time or another, goes through a stage where they wish someone would appear to take them away from the doldrums of everyday life. This is what the Doctor does for his companions, and this is what the show does for the viewers. Who wouldn’t want to visit a planet made entirely out of diamonds or solve a murder case with Agatha Christie? It is this simple truth that has allowed the show such longevity, first in its original 27 year run, and in its current incarnation, going strong since 2005. So, when deciding your next binge-watching show, I highly recommend Doctor Who. If you start now, you have until Autumn to make it through seven seasons before the premiere of not only a new season, but a new doctor. To quote the 10th Doctor, “Allons-y!”

*Scary aliens

**You know what I’m talking about



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