Why I hate Mike Newell


Goblet of Fire is an excellent addition to the Harry Potter series. It introduces the idea of foreign wizards, the Hogwarts gang begins to grow up and oh yea, Voldemort returns to life. At 734 pages, this was the largest Potter book thus far, though that wasn’t the only thing differentiating it from the previous three.

Rowling sets the tone for this book in the first chapter, having a character die before we even get around to seeing what Harry is up to. If that wasn’t a sign of what was to come, I don’t know what was.

The book itself is very well-paced with lots of humor (Ludo Bagman), romance (The Yule Ball) and adventure (um, the entire Triwizard Tournament?). But perhaps the best moment in the book is at the end when Lord Voldemort returns in what is possibly the most creepy scenes in the Potter franchise. This is, coincidentally, the only scene that the film got right.

Although Goblet of Fire is one of the best books in the series, the film is undoubtedly the worst. Newell mutilates the book, gets rid of many major characters and plot lines and adds a really pointless scene where Harry chases a dragon for about 10 minutes when in reality he was the champion to get the golden egg in the shortest time and that counted for points thank you very much! Because this movie is so awful, (and don’t even get me started on the boy’s hairstyles) I have a hard time reading the book without getting angry.

Now, I understand that filmmakers have to pick and choose what can be included when the books are so long. But tell me then how David Yates managed to include all of the important things in the fifth book (which is the longest book in the series) and make it into the shortest movie?

And furthermore, we have Newell to thank for Robert Pattinson because he was cast as Cedric Diggory in this film, who of course dies in the graveyard and then gets saved by Carlisle Cullen and becomes a stupid, sparkly vampire.


3 thoughts on “Why I hate Mike Newell

  1. I agree, this has got to be the worst film – and I completely agree about the boys hair and the strange dragon chase scene. And what’s sad is that it’s my favorite book…boo. I’m sticking to the book and my imagination on this one!

  2. Can I just tell you..you’re last paragraph. I told that exact thing to my father and mother. I literally laughed out loud.

  3. You are SO right. I used to think DAVID YATES ruined the books! Wrong! Mike Newell is a terrible director. Personally I think Alfonso Cuaron should have directed every single movie.

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