The worst 30 minutes of my life

Last night, around 1:00 a.m., the unthinkable happened. My precious computer that I’ve had since Christmas 2006 seemed to have become a rotten Apple.

I love this computer. When I was admitted into the Missouri School of Journalism, I was thrilled that I was required to get a Mac for several reasons. The first was that the only computer we had in our house was practically a dial-up. The second was that my idol, Carrie Bradshaw, owned a black Mac.

My mom had hinted that she was going to get me the laptop for Christmas as she had no faith in my technology skills and figured I needed six months to learn how to use the device. One day, about a month before Christmas, I mentioned to her that if she was going to get me one for Christmas, I’d much prefer the black so I could continue pretending I was Carrie Bradshaw. Because she had a tendency to put off shopping until closer to Christmas, I figured this statement wouldn’t cause any problems. Little did I know she had already purchased a white Mac. My dear mother, who encourages my delusions, returned the white computer and bought me the black one. I’ve been living the Carrie dream every since.

I cannot survive without a computer. With a capstone requiring constant access to emails and having to edit a never-ending stream of drafts, I literally (and I’m not trying to be dramatic here) would rather poke out my eyeballs with toothpicks than not be able to use my computer.

So you can understand that when it wouldn’t turn on last night I was very upset. After seven unsuccessful attempts to turn on my computer, I proceeded to hit my head against the wall, roll around on the floor and cry a little bit.

But all was not lost. I tried for a final time to reboot it. It seemed to work. My spirits began to rise as I encouraged my computer, telling it how sorry I am that I never cleaned the screen and that I would never again get food in its keys if it would only turn on. It accepted these terms and I am now typing this blog post on my beautiful mackypoo.

I understand that a rapidly blinking and shaking log in screen probably means that the computer is shorting out. And I realize that 4 1/2 years is a good run for a laptop. But I just don’t know how I will survive without my faithful black mac. Although the new ones have better speakers, better screens and larger hard drives, I’ll prefer this model until the end of my days.

Although, come to think of it, in the first SATC movie, Carrie did upgrade to a Macbook Pro. So in essence, I would still be like her if I got one of those. However, she changed to an HP in the second movie. And let’s be real. No desire to be like an idol is enough to make me do something as crazy as that.


One thought on “The worst 30 minutes of my life

  1. Aww you poor thing! I feel your pain. I got my ancient white iBook G4 in the summer of 2005, right before starting college. And it served me faithfully until the winter of 2009, when it suddenly went into what I refer to as a ‘coma’. The light is still ‘breathing’, but nobody’s home. I even bought a new battery to try to fix it. It is still plugged in at my parent’s house… but hasn’t been touched in a year.

    Then I started using a white MacBook at work, which was quickly upgraded to a beautiful black MacBook Pro (oh and an iPad too).

    I LOVE MAC. And can’t believe Carrie would switch to HP. Lame. Now I am definitely never seeing that second movie.

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