True Life: I’m obsessed with TV

I love TV. And I mean all TV. We’re talking a range of The Nightly News with Brian Williams to The Nanny, Arrested Development to Mad Men. I love it all.

I’ve always loved TV. I can stem my obsession back to my Sesame Street days. I would just stand in front of the TV and point up at Big Bird and Ernie, totally engaged in the letter of the day and putting down the duckie. Luckily my mother did nothing to prevent my growing love for that little black box. I wasn’t even allowed to participate in that stupid “I won’t watch TV for a month” pledge thing that was always such a big deal in elementary school. Some would call her an enabler; I would disagree.

It would have been one thing if I never read or went outside. However, I did both of these things everyday and so my mother didn’t see anything wrong with me watching TV. And just as I’ve always loved it, I’ve always found myself to have an obsessive nature when it comes to certain shows.

I can probably trace my first obsession back to 2nd grade and a certain lovable aardvark. It was Arthur. And the only reason I know how to spell aardvark is because of the first episode when Arthur has a spelling test. I loved Arthur throughout elementary school, though when they changed Arthur’s voice I knew it was time to move on and find a new love.

 (see minute two)

My middle school years were marked with a growing love for old shows, fostered mostly through Nick at Nite. I can almost guarantee I’ve seen every episode of the following: Laverne and Shirley, I Dream of Jeanie, The Brady Bunch, Bewitched, I Love Lucy, The Jeffersons, Gilligan’s Island, and Happy Days. They were magical years. Alas, they could not last and my new favorites began being replaced by more recent shows. I would not find joy again watching Nick at Nite until many years later.

And so it continued. The O.C. was a major part of high school as was Gilmore Girls. But I didn’t know what love was until TBS began airing episodes of Sex and the City.

Our relationship has been going strong for about six years now. I really don’t know how I ever existed without Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha in my life. To give you an idea of just how much I love that show, whenever tornado sirens go off I grab three things: my computer, my phone and my Sex and the City DVD collection.

Sex and the City taught me that the best thing you can do is fall in love with a show that has already concluded. My Arrested Development obsession confirmed it. Although you are left yearning for more experiences with your new found friends, it’s nothing compared to the agony of waiting a week for a new episode of Community or most of the year to find out about the aftermath of Don’s proposal on Mad Men.

Luckily two of my favorites have been off the airwaves for awhile. Nick at Nite and I finally came together once more through my love of all things from Flushing, Queens. Fran Fine from The Nanny has joined the ranks of Carrie Bradshaw, Rory Gilmore and Joan Holloway on my list of women I want to be. My life would be complete if Sony would release seasons 4-6 of the classic series. Thank goodness for youtube or I might never have seen the series in its entirety.

I happened upon my latest show with a little help of what people are calling Snowpocalypse. When Columbia was threatened with 20+ inches of snow, I took it upon myself to remind everyone that if Pa Ingalls could make it through a blizzard in time to celebrate Christmas at the little house on Plum Creek, then by god we could make it around East Campus. I initially was referring to the book series, which had been a favorite of mine as a child, but then found the urge to see if there were any clips of the classic Michael Landon show on youtube. Four hours later, a new obsession was born.

That’s the exciting thing about TV. You never know when or how the next great show is going to pop up.

Special thanks to my other obsessions: The Office, Modern Family, Glee, Murphy Brown, 30 Rock, Tool Academy, Three’s Company, Zoom, You’re Cut Off, America’s Next Top Model, Muppet Babies, David and the Gnome, So You Think You Can Dance, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Robin Hood, Weeds, Saturday Night Live, Anderson Cooper 360, Oprah: Behind the Scenes of Season 25, One Tree Hill and many more


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